Carolyn Campbell
Fine Art

Artist Statement:
As an expressionist painter, I use interesting shapes and bold colors to suggest a story or create a feeling.  Many of the paintings are about women – women and children, women and animals, either with a Latin touch or of an era gone by.  I enjoy painting people in relationship to other people, animal, birds, insects, or reptiles.  The stories are often fanciful or playful, sometimes a spoof or gentle poking fun at our small vanities.  I draw inspiration from poems, lines of poetry, or strong images from many years living in South America.  I try to capture the moment where the subjects are poised to take a bite of a juicy apple, snatch a kiss, breathe in the morning sky, doze off under a noon sun or a full moon., catch a firefly, plant a garden, dance a tango, command the waves to rise, hang the laundry, have a girls night out.  All of my work is drawn from that strange place where images lie in wait for a new form and energy, and hopefully will awaken a wry smile.

I’ve accused the innocent, loved the wicked, danced inside a drunken gypsy and gluttonous whore, strutted silks, high hats, pious robes, ate the earth with a starving tongue, died all the deaths everywhere of each little proud god who cuts across my bones.
                  - From Tattooed Women by Carolyn Campbell

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